Wiesner Centre for Health & Wellness

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Mission Statement

The Wiesner Centre for Health and Wellness is a treatment oriented Clinic consisting of Regulated Health Care Professionals  offering  natural,  chemical-free  health  and wellness  services  in a safe and tranquil environment. The goal  of  every treatment  is  based on  Intent, Purpose and  Results. The  Professional Therapists work with  their clients to  restore, maintain  and enhance  their quality of lives. They believe in empowering their clients so they may take responsibility for their own health.

Client - Therapist Relationship Policy

The massage treatments offered in this clinic are therapeutic in nature.

The relationship between the Therapist and Client is therapeutic.  Dating and/or sexual intimacy between the Therapist and Client is strictly prohibited.

Sexual harassment is not tolerated and treatment will be terminated abruptly.  Client will be responsible for full payment of the treatment session.

Bill 87, The Protecting Patients Act, 2017

The Ontario Government passed Bill 87, the Protecting Patients Act, in September 2017. As a result the Standards of Practice for Registered Massage Therapists has changed to ensure clients are protected against sexual abuse.